From the recording Second Sun

My good friend from Vancouver - Andrew Gwartney - was inspired to sing on this track. As far as I'm concerned he totally elevated it with his performance.
This was Andrews' first attempt at a remote collaboration and also his first time recording and engineering himself in Pro Tools - I think he did a great job. Who says you can't make good music over the cloud?
I'd like to make special mention of the epic imagery invoked in Andrew's lyrics - as well as the soul-belting shouts towards the end of the song. Can't wait to get this cat to guest vocal on another track. Let's see what happens. - Thanks for tuning in and drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.


“Oh Grande Djinn” - Lyrics by Andrew Gwartney

We came
Then left
So much

You wanted us to comfort you
You wanted us to stay

We'll be back when we take you away

You wanted us to shelter you
All you had to do was pray

But you never cared for rules anyway

You wanted us to be with you
But you had to turn away

The gnashing and biting of teeth
Everything comes back to you

Waves will come crashing through you
Rain won't seem to relent
We've waited for this moment
Hold your breath

It's not your alibi
You can't deny
You've been warned
This isn't even close to a test


I want war

I am here, yeah..

It's the things, that you do
They will lay you down, to the truth

Oh Grande Djinn, I'm here
I don't know, I don't know what to fear
Oh Grande Djinn, I'm here, tell me what I'm even supposed to fear
Let me tell ya, I'm here, give me what I came for, to you.

Oh little man, I'm here, as for me, as for me well you should fear, yeah